Questions For Life

As I watched Prophet TB Joshua perform miracles in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, my heart went out to all those who have fallen away from God, those who just outright reject Him, those who dwindle in their faith in Him, and those who go through the motions of being a Christian but do not live righteously. I began to feel very sad for these people.

I read comments beneath the videos calling God names and criticizing, my brothers and sisters retaliating, and all for what? To prove God sits on His throne either as all-good or as immoral? To prove God is beyond logical thinking or that He is merely a product of our imagination?

I have taken it upon myself to look into the arguments of why God does not exist and why the God of the Christian faith is called “immoral,” “genocidal,” a “terrorist” and such other descriptions people use to formulate their case against God. I cannot be angry at people who say these things, for we all have our reasons why we believe what we do. Thus my studies have become more broad, but with this, my faith in God has also been strengthened, not deterred.

When I first began studying, I wondered, “Could there possibly be an argument strong enough to cause my faith to be swayed?” My motive to study was not on the basis to prove God exists, but to understand why others say He does not, and so I welcomed the challenge. What I have read and heard of the arguments against the existence God, at best, still do not disprove Him and fail to convince that the God of the Christian faith is indeed immoral. But I am not here to challenge anyone’s beliefs. I just like to challenge my own and write down my rationalizations. It is up to my readers what they do with it.

But oh, the great cases that are built against God and for God! How we weave ourselves into a tangled web of restless searching. Yet today, I will say this, even as I’m sure it has been said many times in much more poignancy and elegance. If there is no God, no Satan, no heaven, no hell, no resurrection, then, as the Apostle Paul puts it,” If, in the manner of men, I have fought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantage is it to me? If the dead do not rise, ‘Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.'”

Are our debates and debacles merely for entertainment, having no purpose but to win someone to our side of the argument? Do we fight so hard for what we believe in simply to come to terms with the fact that what we fight for will eventually come to nothing? Do we live, breathe, enjoy others (or not), and struggle, simply just….to die? Is it enough to live a life only with a meaning we ourselves have prescribed knowing that deep down the few who ever cared for us and the few lives we ever touched will eventually come to the same meaningless death and that you will eventually be completely forgotten? And does it sit well to believe that a person who has committed heinous crimes without remorse will die the same death as the sweetest, most kind and caring person you know and neither will ever face a greater judgment than that which man has given? Since the Christian and the atheist alike know the end of our world will come (as this is stated as a simple, scientific truth), our legacies, our history, and all we have come to value will pass with the world, and ultimately our lives are rendered insignificant. If all we have ever studied was to point out to us that we live once and die once and have no soul, why do we feel sad for those who have committed suicide? For they simply just escaped the struggles of this life faster than the rest of us. If life has meaning and value because we say it has meaning and value, then by whose standards do we criticize the one who says it doesn’t? Our own? After burial, the person who valued life is no greater than the one who did not value life, for both came to the same ending.

If all of this is what life really boils down to, then what a very sad agnostic and/or atheist I would be….


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